Conveyors chains and belts

Conveyors chains and belts


(*) Upgrade to 2023 version in progress

Regina Matveyor® 4650 Series – Heavy Duty Fixed Radius Belts

New modular belts for sideflexing conveyors

Regina Matveyor® 1501 Chains

Restyling of the flush grid 1” pitch chain with 8.7 mm thickness

Regina GS 1873T Flitetop® Gripper Chain

New two-piece FliteTop® gripper chain GS 1873T Series for sidegrip applications

Regina Dynamic Nose Bars For ½” Pitch Series

For nose-over transfer applications

e-SLIDE Material

High performance UHMWPE for chain wearstrips and corner tracks

FliteTop© Gripper Chains

Gripper chains for elevators/lowerators, rinsers and pass through conveyors

Ecologycal Friction Abating Sliding Thermoplastic (e-F.A.S.T.) Material

Dry Running Material for Ultimate High Speed Bottling Applications

Matveyor® LBP XSPM 1” Pitch Series

1” pitch heavy duty belt with rollers featuring high safety and lightweight design

Matveyor® Modular Belts and Components for Nose Over Transfer

½” Pitch modular belts for smooth end-to-end transfer

FliteTop® Spiral Chain 1883 Series

Two-piece chain with integrated bearings in the base chain for advanced spiral applications

Matveyor® LBP 610 ½” Pitch Series

½” Pitch belt with rollers featuring lightweight design and superior working load

1/2″ Pitch Conveyor Chains for Product Dynamic Division in Packaging Machines

½” Pitch belt with rollers featuring lightweight design and superior working load

Matveyor Sideflexing Modular Belts 2556 Series

Sideflexing modular belts designed for the packaging industry’s most demanding applications

Matveyor Short Pitch Imperial Series

Features and benefits of the ½” pitch modular belts with imperial standard width

Magnetic Curves

Magnetic corner tracks for sideflexing magnetic chains

Chain Guide Wear Strips

Conveyor components – Chain guide profiles

FliteTop Plastic Chains with 57mm Hinge

FliteTop plastic chains with heavy duty hinge for packaged products handling

LBP Chains and Belts – Product Range

Low Back Pressure chains and modular belts – Product Range

Matveyor Belt 7300 – 7200 Series

Medium duty modular belts for bottling – canning and container manufacturing industries

Regina DK2 Material

Material designed to improve the performance in PET bottling lines