About Regina

Regina Group is a world leading developer and manufacturer of standard and special roller chains and conveyor chains, belts and components. Thanks to its long-standing technical knowledge, manufacturing know-how and highly diversified product range, the Group is able to offer reliable solutions to a widespread global portfolio of markets.

The Group operates in three main business sectors:

  • Industrial Chains and components: roller chains and related components for standard and special industrial applications;
  • Conveyor Chains, Belts and Components: stainless steel and plastic chains, belts and components for the beverage, packaging, glass, food industries and for many more applications;
  • Motorcycle Chains: primary and secondary transmission chains, timing chains, tensioners and other devices for motorcycle applications.

Regina offers a unique platform of the deepest technical and applications know-how concerning chains and related products, the most advanced Research and Development, an extensive experience on steel and plastic materials and solid in-house manufacturing capabilities, providing top-tier solutions and support to leading operators across a broad set of industrial sectors.

Regina Group operates worldwide through fully owned commercial and manufacturing subsidiaries with strong a local technical knowledge and a large stock and a capillary network of local distributors and agents. Such proximity to our customers allows us to deeply understand their needs and to find appropriate solutions, delivering total quality at all times.

Regina success stems from a long history of dedication and commitment towards continuous progress and innovation, always seeking new horizons to maximize performance and reliability of our solutions.

Established in 1919, Regina is now owned by the same family since 4 generations.