The whole core range of Regina products is manufactured by Regina in its plants. Steel wire cold rolling, metal parts blanking, cold extrusion, cold forming, cutting, roll forming, curling and grinding, heat treatments, plastic parts molding and machining, assembling and lubrication are fully processed by Regina internally and are optimized in order to maximize the field performance of our products along their entire lifetime.

Our production starts from top quality steel and plastic grains from world leading producers, with whom we developed strong relationships across several decades of close collaboration.

Regina core manufacturing operations are located in Italy:

  • Our plants in Cernusco Lombardone and Olginate account for the vast majority of the production of our roller chains, both Industrial and Motorcycle
  • Our plant in Latina manufactures the whole range of our Conveyor products

Abroard, Regina manufacturing installed base is located in selected geographic areas, in order to maximize our local support to key markets. Globally, Regina Group manufacturing always takes place with consistent methodologies and specification, fully in line with our total quality approach.