Our lab has a key role in our corporate strategy.

An advanced testing lab, located at the headquarters in Cernusco Lombardone, supports the R&D of any new product developed within Regina. A wide set of tests aimed at assessing mechanical performances, such as life endurance, materials composition, chemical compatibility, etc. is performed to validate any new product prior to its launch on the market. Our testing rigs allow us to run customized tests, in case we receive customer-specific requirements. A wide set of portable instruments can be deployed for on-site validations and monitoring activities.

We also regularly repeat all validation tests on samples taken from regular production, to assess the compliance of products to its specifications. Whenever possible, we ask our customers to return us samples of used products, when they are taken out from service, to check their wear after real service life.

Regina’s lab is fully equipped for metallographic, chemical and mechanical tests facilities.