Regina Group offers a complete and diversified product portfolio of standard and special chains for industrial applications. Standard ISO normed chains, light and heavy conveyor chains (with a wide range of attachments, extended pins and pushers), heavy lifting chains, film gripper chains, oilfield chains, transport chains and agricultural chains are only some examples of Regina product range.

All Regina chains are available across a uniquely wide range of steel grades, including carbon and stainless steel, finishing, including various corrosion resistant surface treatments for all type of applications, and lubrication solutions. Our product portfolio also includes one of the most advanced lubrication-free chain range (“Enduro” Series), plastic inner-link chains (“Hybrid” Series), O-ring chains and many others.

Our engineering team holds an extensive know-how across a broad range of industrial sectors and is able to provide value added to our customers by guiding them through the selection of the best solution according to their needs and applications.

Our R&D team is very often involved by our customers in the very early design stages of their machinery, providing value added and co-design services.

Below is a list of Regina Industrial product range:

  • Roller chains
    • ISO-normed roller chains
    • Oilfield roller chains
  • Special applications chains
    • Gripper chains
    • Pin oven chains
    • Bottle washer chains
    • Sticker chains
  • Heavy lifting chains
  • Conveying chains
    • Light conveyor chains with a wide range of attachments
    • Heavy conveying chains with a wide range of attachments
    • Fly roller chains
  • Agricultural chains
  • Tool holder chains
  • Escalator chains


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