Regina started the production of motorcycle chains in 1939, with relevant results and successes at global level both in world competitions and generally in all road and off-road applications ever since.

We work in close partnership with the top international motorcycle manufacturers and with them we achieve new goals and challenges every year. Our R&D team is very often involved by our OEM customers in the very early design stages of their motorcycles, providing added value and co-design services.

Regina Motorcycle products  are used with great success in World Competitions since 1949 and nowadays equip the bikes of several World-famous riders racing in the main following Championships:

  • Moto GP
  • Moto 2
  • Moto 3
  • MXGP
  • MX2
  • US Supercross and National Outdoor
  • Superbike
  • SuperSport
  • SuperStock
  • Speedway
  • Enduro 1 and 2
  • Trial

To date, Regina won more than 340 World Championships.

All Regina products used in Word Championships are also available for purchase on aftermarket under the brand .

Regina Group offers a top of the range and complete product portfolio of motorcycle power transmission chains, including:

  • Primary drive transmission chains;
  • Secondary drive transmission chains;
  • Secondary drive transmission kits (chain & sprockets);
  • Cam drive chains;
  • Tensioners and other components.

Regina has an extensive experience in manufacturing and recommending the correct and most performing chain for each type of bike. Such unique know-how is contained in the fitment list available in the download section of this web-site and in the chain selection tool here below.

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This chart is only to be used as a general guide. For actual chain fitment, please refer to the Fitment List




This chart is only to be used as a general guide. For actual chain fitment, please refer to the Fitment List



A wide range of tools, including spare parts, to install and maintain your chains. All tools, designed and manufactured by REGINA CHAIN, are conceived to maximize the effectiveness and the safety of all operations.


A correct maintenance allows your chain to last longer and to obtain the best performance out of it. Take a look to the following simple instructions to get the best out of your REGINA CHAIN.


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